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Passionate expert sharing tools to connect better with others through consultation, media appearances, and writing/ teaching.

 Consultation. Media appearances. research. THERAPY.

Emotional Success = business growth As collective Emotional Success raises => increased productivity How does it work? Theory driven practice offered on individual and/or company-wide scale to improve the overall functioning of your business. Please reach out for a prospectus. I would be happy to share our plans to increase the FluidEQ of your employees - and to raise your productivity.


Therapy practice specializing in person-centered, dynamic, feminist therapy. Dr Donohoe is passionate about her clinical work. If you live in the lowcountry, click through to learn more and to see if we might be a good fit. (Image by Mimi Thian)

Media Appearances
Media Appearances

Dr Donohoe is a passionate mental health expert excited to share the love in any way she can. Please see Media page for inquires.

Writing + Teaching
Writing + Teaching

Strengthening connections between people and groups through greater understanding and scientific inquiry

  • BA Chatham College for Women

  • MS Applied Developmental Psychology - University of Pittsburgh

  • MA Counseling Psychology - Boston College

  • PsyD Counseling Psychology - Chatham University

  • More than 10 peer-reviewed articles related to issues of identity and culture

  • Nearly two decades practice with people/ companies

  • Theory + research driven consulting 

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Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe's work centers on sharing how to connect better through writing, media appearances, consultation, and seeing patients in her private therapy practice.



Based on more than two decades consulting, practicing, teaching, and conducting rigorous results driven research – Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe helps companies prepare for transitions/ challenges, change, and grow their productivity through increased ability to connect. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with a wide range of clients including hospitals, detention centers, partial programs for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders, inner-city schools, private college preparatory schools, college counseling centers, community mental health, community organizing NGO’s, and as a consultant for companies who want to improve productivity through increased communication. Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe loves to bring seemingly different groups together towards a shared goal.


Please reach out for references etc as these are confidential relationships and therefore we do not advertise the companies we work with. Instead, upon request, we will provide you with contact information  to speak with someone with a similar organization we have worked with in the past as we keep contact information for those who have offered to provide testimonials as needed. 

Writing / Teaching

Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe studies relationships between people and the ability (or inability) for individuals and groups to deeply connect through interpersonal communication. She is particularly engaged in harnessing bias to help groups reach higher levels of communication – and thus productivity. Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe's research findings (along with co-authors) have appeared in the Journal of Psychotherapy, The Clinical Psychologist, and Urban Education as well as an edited book, Bringing Diversity to Feminist Psychology, and many more. Additionally, she has presented at more than twenty conferences throughout the world. Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe is currently affiliated with the City University of New York.


Media Appearances

As a passionate expert, Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe feels it is essential to share what she has learned with as many people as possible. There is nothing more exciting to her than to talk about psychology, and ways that people can connect better with themselves and each other. Topics include women, healthy sexuality, relationships, conflict resolution, difficult conversations, adolescents, uncomfortable topics, general mental health questions, and food. Food is great! Click above to see some of Dr Rabenstein-Donohoe's media appearances.